Going beyond whiteboard animation: how to turn inspiration into creative new videos

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While whiteboard animation is what VideoScribe is known and loved for, there's so much more you can create.

From different animation techniques to new video concepts, often all it takes to level up your videos is fresh inspiration. 

Which is why we've invited VideoScriber and YouTuber, Stefan Dimov to join us on our latest webinar to share his process for sparking new video ideas and bringing them to life with VideoScribe.

The best part is, the animations Stefan will share are all super easy to achieve yourself, regardless of your video experience!

So if you're ready to take your videos to the next level, join us to learn the following:

  • Where to look for inspiration for your next video and how to think more creatively about your use of animation. 
  • How animation can be used in different ways to support each of your objectives. 
  • Creative video editing techniques and tips to make more impressive animations faster.

About the speakers

Stefan Dimov - Co-Founder @ Project Caritas

Stefan's experience in online advertising led him to develop his own non-profit focused on harnessing ad revenue for good. He reviews and promotes environmentally-friendly and ethical products on his YouTube channel, donating all ad revenue to charity.

In the process of launching and developing his channel, Stefan has learnt what it takes to create engaging videos that stand out from the crowd. We thought it was only right he joined us to share some of his best advice with you too!



Naomi Linford - Social Media Manager @ Sparkol

From social media to blogs, guides and webinars, Naomi is Sparkol’s content lead. Always looking for the best tips and insights to share with the Sparkol and VideoScribe community to help you create more impressive videos. 

Naomi will be the host of this webinar, quizzing Stefan on what makes a great video and how to approach pushing the boundaries of animation.