The formula for winning more business with video proposals

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You know the videos you create for clients deliver incredible results. From helping them stand out in their market to increasing their sales. However, helping prospective customers to see the opportunity can be tricky.

The secret to overcoming that barrier is making video the star of your proposal. It makes sense right? The quality and clarity of your videos sell themselves and prospects can start to see the impact they’ll have. Which is why in this webinar we’ll be walking you through the easy and repeatable formula for creating video proposals that win you more business.

If that sounds good to you, then join Sparkol’s Business Development Manager, Alastair Lee and your host, Naomi Linford to learn the following...

The actionable takeaways you’ll leave with:

  1. The key factors to the success of video proposals.
  2. The structure of a persuasive video proposal.
  3. The quick, easy and repeatable tips to create your own.

About the speakers

Alastair Lee - Business Development Manager @ Sparkol

As part of Sparkol’s sales team Alastair knows how to help people realize the value of video. Working with some of the biggest brands in the world to develop videos that achieve and exceed their objectives.

In the process, Alastair has built a wealth of experience in developing video proposals and we thought it was only right he share some of his best advice on this webinar!


Naomi Linford - Social Media Manager @ Sparkol

From social media to blogs, guides and now webinars, Naomi is Sparkol’s content lead. Always looking for the best tips, advice and insights to share with the Sparkol and VideoScribe community that will help you create more impressive videos. 

Naomi will be the host of this webinar, quizzing Alastair on what makes a great video proposal.