The virtual classroom: successful remote teaching alternatives to live video

virtual classroom remote teaching

Watch the recording of our live webinar

In these unprecedented times, remote teaching has become the new norm. There's now a screen between you and your class, and it's easy to feel like live video is the only tool at your disposal.

But we're here to dispel that myth! Yes live video has a role to play but it's difficult to tailor the content to each of your students and doesn't leave you much breathing room.

Pre-recorded videos can help. Which is why in this webinar we discuss how on-demand video helps K-12 students learn at their own pace, and allows you to focus on solidifying knowledge, rather than arranging video calls!

If that sounds good to you, watch our recording to learn the following:

  • The research behind live video versus pre-recorded video for educating.
  • How to structure remote teaching to help students feel in control of their own learning journey.
  • Our inside advice on creating effective video teaching resources quickly and easily.

About the speakers

Leigh Redman - Chief Marketing Officer @ Sparkol

Starting his career as a teacher before moving into the education technology space, Leigh has a wealth of experience in developing successful learning strategies. Now Sparkol's CMO, Leigh helps educators and students harness the power of video for improved learning outcomes.

We thought this was the perfect opportunity for Leigh to join us and share some of his best advice on how educators can navigate remote teaching with video!



Naomi Linford - Social Media Manager @ Sparkol

From social media to blogs, guides and webinars, Naomi is Sparkol’s content lead. Always looking for the best tips and insights to share with the Sparkol and VideoScribe community to help you create more impressive videos. 

Naomi will be your host for this webinar, quizzing Leigh on the best ways to approach teaching remotely.