Watch the recording: How to hook YouTube viewers in and grow your channel

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YouTube offers organizations and individuals the opportunity to boost their online visibility, attract a larger audience and even make money. But despite these opportunities, few businesses and marketers fully harness the power of the platform.

Often YouTube is used as a place to store video content for other projects, or channels are started and soon forgotten about. But what lots of people don't realize is starting and growing a successful YouTube channel that delivers results isn't as hard as it seems. 

Jon Davis did just that and in this webinar he'll be sharing the easy tips and tricks he learned to start a channel and attract thousands of views. Join Jon and your Sparkol host, Naomi Linford to learn the following...

The actionable takeaways you’ll leave with:

  1. Why every marketer and business can benefit from YouTube marketing.
  2. How to generate ideas for attention-grabbing YouTube videos.
  3. How to structure and create a video that keeps people watching for longer.
  4. Jon's inside tips and tricks to hook more viewers in with your thumbnail, title and positioning.

About the speakers

Jon Davis - Founder of YouTube channel 'Jon Davis Digital Introvert'

While Jon's background is in IT, he's developed his passion for digital marketing into a successful business helping others learn key digital skills. Through step-by-step videos, guides and tutorials, Jon breaks down some of the biggest questions about YouTube, video creation, affiliate marketing and more.

In the process of launching and growing his YouTube channel, Jon has learnt a lot about what it takes to create video content that gets attention and keeps viewers hooked. With his most popular video attracting over 97,000 views, we thought it was only right that he joined us on this webinar to share his tips and tricks for YouTube success!

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Naomi Linford - Content Marketing Manager @ Sparkol

From social media to blogs, guides and webinars, Naomi is Sparkol’s content lead. Always looking for the best tips, advice and insights to share with the Sparkol and VideoScribe community that will help you create more impressive videos.

Naomi will be the host of this webinar, quizzing Jon on his best advice for starting and growing a successful YouTube channel.