Crafting a successful video marketing strategy in 6 easy steps

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Video plays an increasingly important role in how brands spread their message and promote themselves. However, unlike social media or content marketing, video marketing is often treated as an ad hoc activity without a defined strategy.

So what does that mean for your videos? A strategy acts as your guide keeping you focused on your objectives and helping you measure success. Without a strategy for your video marketing, it's easy to lose sight of who you're making videos for and why. If you want your video content to deliver tangible results, it's key to have a strategy in place.

Now you might be thinking, "that's all well and good but isn't building a strategy a long and tricky process?" and the answer is no! In this webinar we'll be showing you how to create your own video marketing strategy in 6 simple steps.

The actionable takeaways you’ll leave with:

  1. The undeniable benefits of video marketing for your business or brand.
  2. Why you need a strategy to achieve success in video marketing.
  3. The 6 steps to develop your own video marketing strategy from setting your goals and budget to measuring results.
  4. Plus, we'll share extra tips and tricks to drive value from your strategy as we go!

About the speakers

Ashden Walker - Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ Sparkol

With a wealth of experience managing websites, online advertising and email marketing, Ashden knows how drive maximum value from video across digital channels. 

We thought it was only right Ashden joined us to share her best advice on developing a video marketing strategy that delivers results.


Naomi Linford - Social Media Manager @ Sparkol

From social media to blogs, guides and webinars, Naomi is Sparkol’s content lead. Always looking for the best tips, advice and insights to share with the Sparkol and VideoScribe community to help you create impressive videos. 

Naomi will be the host of this webinar, talking through the steps to create your own video marketing strategy with Ashden.